George Haloulakos


Sports, Movies, and Memories of a Bygone Era

Hello everyone!  My name is George Haloulakos and I am very excited about this opportunity to participate and contribute to the Galaxy Moonbeam Night Site and Galaxy Nostalgia Network. 

Gilbert Smith and Mike Bragg have created a wonderful program that informs and educates the public about the best of the past so that we can look to the future with inspiration by passing that heritage to other generations. 

I was recently honored to be a featured guest on podcast #69 "Man, Moon, Media and Myth" in which we discussed the technology of space flight in two classic sci-fi productions: the 1964 unaired pilot of "Lost in Space" titled "No Place to Hide" and the 1968 motion picture "Planet of the Apes."  This program was based on a paper I co-authored with my father on the subject of the Science of Space Flight in Classic Sci-Fi Cinema.

Yours truly is a Renaissance Man in that I have a wide variety of interests including, but not limited to, sports (baseball is my favorite); classic films, television and old time radio; collectibles (especially books and trading cards); aviation; and history (most notably biographies).  In upcoming columns and programs, these and other related topics will be examined through the prism of human interest. 

Specific examples of coming features will be a look back at when Major League Baseball arrived on the West Coast as seen through the careers of the Dodgers dynamic pitching duo of Don Drysdale and Sandy Koufax and united everyone in Southern California into one huge community of baseball fans following the games on their portable transistor radios. 

We will also take a trip down memory lane with a tribute to "the stars beyond" as we visit the grave sites of movie stars and other celebrities.  For those who remember the classic adventure / fantasy films that preceded the "Indiana Jones" genre, we will take an up-close, behind-the-scenes look at such timeless films as "Lost Horizon," "King Solomon's Mines" and "Valley of the Kings." 

This is just a sample of upcoming featured articles and/or programs that I look forward to sharing as well getting to know you, the wonderful audience.  Please contact me anytime at: